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Earth is speaking, will you listen?

If you struggle with feeling like you belong on Earth, If you have a complicated, fearful relationship to abundance and lack, if you feel stuck or off track in your spiritual journey, if your spells don't work, if you struggle to feel held or supported by the universe, or you want to learn powerful spiritual technologies, this is for you.

The Elemental Attunement program is a spirit-fueled container for connection, healing, and belonging through elemental magic. This self-paced/hybrid, program will give you everything you need to begin or deepen your connection to the elements. Every element has influence, power, affinity, and wisdom to share. If you let them into your life/consciousness, you will expand in ways you never imagined. Each element will have its own 3-week module. The program will have regular enrollment throughout the year so you can tackle each module when you have availability.


The first available module is EARTH. 

This Program is Built to Offer You

  • A renewed and deepened connection to the 4 element spirits Earth, Air, Fire, & Water.

  • An understanding of the wisdom each element has and how to receive, work with and utilize that wisdom. 

  • Practice speaking with and receiving messages from the element spirits.

  • Education in Altar Building, Elemental Invocation, Rituals & Offerings, Divination, Elemental Spellcasting, Seeing the Hidden Wolrd, Elemental Spirit Work, and Elemental Beings.

  • An understanding of real Abundance and how to be in flow.

  • A pathway to reconciliation with the land you live on.

What's Included

  • A live Opening Ceremony to consecrate our journey, set intentions, and call upon the elemental powers. Via Zoom and recorded for those who can't attend live.

  •  Around 3 hours of materials a week. We will have some live meetings but you'll have access to the material for a year, so you can go at your own pace too!

  • A weekly video lesson about the element. Learn about what this element rules over, how to engage with them, and how to incorporate them into your practice.

  • A live meditation to connect with the element and receive any wisdom, blessings, or lessons from them. Live via Zoom and recorded for those who can't attend live.

  • Weekly Bonus Materials to expand on what we've learned. Ex. Altar Building, Elemental Invocation, Elemental Spellwork, Rituals for various purposes, how to see the hidden world, elemental spirit work, intro to elemental beings.

  • A weekly Q & A with Kir to have support along the journey. We'll have a chance to connect and share our experiences and get Kir's tips, hints, and psychic help. Live via Zoom and recorded for those who can't attend live and including the ability to submit questions ahead of time. You won't miss out on Q & A because of scheduling.

  • An exclusive Discord server so we can all chat, make friends, and support each other.

The Exchange

The cost of this journey is $210 per module.

There is a 2 month payment plan available at checkout and other arrangements or trades can be made. Please email and let us know what your needs are.

There are also several full scholarships available!

Please email with your name and any relevant info. Priority will be given to qtpoc and recipients will be randomly selected.

Please only apply if you absolutely cannot pay even with payment arrangements. There will be as many scholarships awarded as possible.

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