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Spirit Session

AMAZING! This session with Kir was deeply insightful and illuminating. They create such an open and secure space with a delicate grace that allowed me to feel safe, seen, and heard. They were tapped in from the jump and dove immediately into the work. Their craft truly is a wonder to witness. DO NOT miss an opportunity to get a reading!


Pre-recorded Reading

I first met Kir through a video reading. The first thing that I noticed was their calming energy. I was nervous, but they started the session with us taking a few deep breaths in and out and when I came out of it, I felt so ready for the reading. They were spot on over things that I'd realized and so enlightening on things that I hadn't yet.. I left the session feeling so confident, reassured in my own inner power. I've since had a couple more sessions with Kir (prerecorded and zoom) and their energy is just amazing and I can't recommend them enough if you want some guidance, reassurance or channeling work.


Pre-recorded Reading

My pre-recorded reading with Kir was amazing and just what I needed. They shared such poignant and well timed wisdom, as well as pointing me to further resources that would support my inner work. They were generous, kind, and so on point with their guidance! definitely do it! :)


Spirit Session

Just to be clear I’ve had many readings with Kir and every time they’ve been so warm and excited to be reading because they have so much love for you and for what they do. it’s like meeting with an old friend. they can move you to tears and laughter in the same sentence and always deliver messages with tenderness and care while making sure you understand the gravity of any messages. they’ve even recommended other readers to me when they felt something was beyond them. truly such a gracious and talented person whom i adore working with and look forward to doing so again!


Ancestor Reading

My session with Kir was absolutely a gift. I am already planning on booking with them again. The wisdom I received was deep and comforting. The whole session felt like a reminder and a calling home to myself. I can not recommend Kir enough.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Bloom Session

I am moved to tears every time I work with Kir - they speak directly to my soul, so clearly and with divine truth. I’ve been working with them over the last two years through ongoing personal hardship, and I just had the privilege of doing my first bloom session with them. The creative ideas/juices are flowing out of me. I’ve had to stop my car today multiple times to write down these downloads. I don’t have the accurate words to express how much their readings/energy/support have worked magic and love into my life. Their passion is absolutely infectious (in the best way), and always reminds me of the sacred passion and heart that exists within me. Thank you Kir, thank you.


Ancestor Reading

Kir is an angel, just being in their presence while they connected with my ancestors was affirming. They had no idea how much their information helped me to connect in a deeper way with my ancestors. even more than that, they created clarity around my ancestor relationships, which is something i was seriously lacking. thank you so much for the peace you offered me. i am looking forward to returning again.


Pre-recorded Reading

I was so moved by my reading. i wasn't allowed to ask about certain topics, but in the questions were answered just from the cards. it was a powerful reading and i highly suggest getting one if you need some sort of guidance. thank you, Kir Beaux, i am forever grateful for your time and energy.


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