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The Portal Reading provides the insight and guidance to thrive in the portal of the new year. This is a video recording for you to keep and refer back to. A Portal Reading gives info to get you thru the 3 month transition from 2023 to 2024. The invitations in this portal are potent and full of transformational energy! It's time to become the fullest version of yourself and surrender to your potential. 

*Booking times are irrelevant, this is a video recording that will be emailed to you asap.



Tarot Sessions are intended to help untangle any issue you are facing. From love, work, spiritual path, or future telling, the tarot will tell you what you need to hear. You can come with specific questions, general topics, or leave it up to the cards. Everyone walks away with invitations and directions for growth, and the tools to engage with them.




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Spirit Session

A journey of radical change, and authentic, spiritually expansive living needs a connection to the invisible world of spirits. This session is for anyone seeking connection and guidance from the spirit world and their spirit team.

It is a channeling session inviting helpful, benevolent spirits like guides, animal spirits, elementals, ancestors, and more for connection and guidance on your path.

*Not intended as mediumship/recently deceased or to contact a specific Spirit. Whoever comes thru, comes thru. 



The Solar Return Reading is designed to give you boost of energy to celebrate and jumpstart your personal new year.

It'll cover your card of the year as the theme and then expand on what you need to know to have a wonderful year. Includes invitations and directions for growth, as well as the tools to engage with them.


*This session makes an excellent gift!

*Pre-recorded Reading


A spiritual counseling session is to help you along your spiritual path. Much like the structure of  traditional therapy or counseling*, these are more of a conversation than a reading. With Kir's 10+ combined years of experience in witchcraft, tarot, spirit work, and pagan spirituality, you'll get plenty of advice and practical tools to move forward with clarity and confidence. Compare this with an "office hour" type session, where you'll get the support you need along this often difficult path.

*not a substitute for professional mental health services. Kir is not a licensed medical professional or therapist.



Payment Plan Options

All 1:1 Sessions now come with a payment plan option with no fees or interest. Select payment plans on the booking page. Payment plans require the first payment up front.

If you require further financial assistance please reach out via email to so that we can help the best we can. It's Queer Magic is dedicated to the uplifting of marginalized people everywhere including with this work.

Gift Options

A reading makes a great gift!

No need to pick a date with this option. Purchasing a gift certificate will send a code to use when booking so you don't need to ask your loved ones schedule ahead of time.

Of course, you can always buy yourself a reading this way if you want to reserve a spot but haven't decided on a specific date. 

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