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Seasonal Offering

These Spring Portal Readings are prerecorded video readings that help you align with the energy of Spring for transformation, growth, and forward motion. I'll help you utilize the portal of the new season for your highest and best!

Soul Bloom Readings

(Feels like: Fertilizer for the Soul, Transform with Spring)


Spirit Session

(Feels like: Standing under a waterfall; Lighting a sacred spark.)

A spirit session is for those who have committed already or are ready to commit to their spiritual growth. Those who have altars and connect with spirit in their own time. Or for those who’d like to start. For those who are stuck in a cycle, confused about the path forward, or feel like they can’t catch a break. For when you know you need spiritual connection and inspiration. A Spirit Session is a collaborative work between Spirit and I. With spirit channeling, divination tools, claircognizance, and my knowledge & experience, I will deliver the messages, insight, wisdom, and invitations that are yours to hear. Perfect for feeling lost, confused, or uninspired in your spiritual or mundane life.  *Not mediumship. It is not appropriate for those interested in connecting to the beloved dead, nor for “getting answers” or explanations from Spirit.


Tarot Session

(Feels like: Looking at all the angles to make the best decision. A bit of practical magic.)

Tarot Readings are for anyone with questions about almost anything. Whether you are thinking of moving, creating something, building new habits, beginning a relationship, doing shadow or other healing work, learning something new, or just need help navigating life, the tarot will give you plenty of answers and also maybe some more questions. Even when you have no questions, this session can open your heart and mind to new ways of growing, healing, and thriving.. Questions are amazing because you guarantee the session will cover what you want. However, some of the best readings come from the intention of “whatever I need to hear/ whatever comes up today.”


Spiritual Counseling

(Feels like: 1:1 Mentorship, Troubleshooting life & spirituality,  Validating and challenging perspectives )

A Spiritual Counseling session is for when you want to talk with someone who understands and relates to the challenges you face on your spiritual path. For when you are drawn to a tool, belief, or practice but it’s just not working for you. For when you need help building your spiritual practice. For when you want a spiritually focused active listener for verbally processing your spiritual lessons. A relaxed but focused session to offer tools, suggestions, and reminders for living a spiritually healthy & active life. Also appropriate if you’ve ever wanted to “pick my brain” about something. *NOT THERAPY. Not comparable to or a replacement for mental health services. Kir Beaux is not a medical professional or licensed anything.


Solar Return

(feels like: a fun but surprisingly deep birthday blessing; a map of the year with lots of navigation help; a secret weapon for thriving)

Happy Birthday! A solar return reading is a pre-recorded video reading breaking down your birthday card and the themes of the year ahead. This is a resource you keep and come back to over and over. It may be your map of the energies, invitations, gifts, and challenges ahead of you, but it’s also the best way to engage with them to have the best year possible. Every birthday is a new beginning and this reading will help you begin and sustain that new phase of life. Makes a wonderful gift!


Pre-recorded Video Reading

(Feels like:  a quick and easy reading for the witch on the go; small size, huge impact; the unicorn of high-quality, convenience, & accessible pricing)

A video reading is for anyone who doesn't have the time or money for a full session but needs a lil something for their spirit. Perfect if you are unsure about booking a reading at all. Limited to one question or a general “what do I need to know right now” reading. Also, the perfect solution if you don't enjoy live video chat, or struggle with focus and attention (same.) The same high-quality care & effort, spirit connection, and guidance as my other readings, just a lower maintenance commitment.


Office Hours

1 on 1 session to disscuss anything you like, or get a mini reading.

free for Rainbow Witch 3 tier Patreons only


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