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$720 Special Package

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$88 45 min Live Session







Spirit Sessions are a chance for you to bring whatever is weighing on your heart to the altar. Using divination tools as well as direct channeling we will get to the root of the cycle you are in and find out how to manage it. Expect several months of information and a focus for the immediate future. These sessions can include cleansing or blessing at no extra cost if the spirits call for it. This session is for you if you have a conflict or issue in an area of your life, you feel stuck, lost, or confused about your path, you are curious about your next cycle, or just want to focus on your spiritual life. These sessions always begin with the question

"What's going on? What do you want to talk about today?"

If you feel called to get a reading without a specific concern, that's okay! You can book this session and whatever needs to come up will. Although it's recommended that you browse the other options as they might be a better fit for someone without a specific concern.

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Pre-recorded readings are an affordable, low stress option to receive spiritual guidance. You're reading will be around 10 min long with enough guidance to last you around 3 months. This video is yours to keep so you can revisit the messages as often as you need. This reading does not allow for any specific questions, you will receive what my spirits think you need to hear. These readings are always very powerful and highly sought after. They have a limited availability of 10 a week so you may have to book weeks in advance. Your reading will be delivered within a week of your scheduled time. 





HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Solar Return Reading is designed to give you boost of energy to celebrate and jumpstart your personal new year. We'll cover your card of the year as your personal theme and then using divination tools and direct channeling we'll expand on what you need to know to have a wonderful year. Most sessions include a power color, herb and crystal ally recommendations, and ways to develop in many areas of life.

This session makes an excellent gift!


Spirit Guide Introduction

This is a very special session intended to introduce you to one or more of the spirits on your Spirit Guide Team. We'll start with a brief cleansing visualization, call in the spirits ready to introduce themselves to you and then deliver all the info you need to start connecting with them. In most cases you will receive a physical/emotional/tactile description of the spirit, a name to call them, and how they wish to be represented in your life or on the altar. There will be some guidance delivered directly to you but usually not a lot of time for questions. This is a direct channeling session and as such your appointment can be rescheduled up to the last moment if Kir does not feel that channeling will be possible for them. 

Queer Indigenous Public Speaker, Spiritual Public Speaker, Trans Public Speaker


Payment Plan Options

All 1:1 Sessions now come with a payment plan option with no fees or interest. Select payment plans on the booking page. Payment plans require the first payment up front.

If you require further financial assistance please reach out via email to so that we can help the best we can. It's Queer Magic is dedicated to the uplifting of marginalized people everywhere including with this work.

Gift Options

A reading makes a great gift!

No need to pick a date with this option. Purchasing a gift certificate will send a code to use when booking so you don't need to ask your loved ones schedule ahead of time.

Of course, you can always buy yourself a reading this way if you want to reserve a spot but haven't decided on a specific date. 

Digital Offerings



Pisces Meditation (Instagram Post (Square)) (2).png

A guided meditation created specifically to connect with pisces energy and the dream world within



Cast a spell together!

These are step by step instructional videos where Kir will guide you in casting spells. The detailed guide book includes prep work, written instructions, ingredients/tools with substitutions

and the spell's incantation.


Cast a spell of protection over you, your home, and your family. Blend your own magic to Kir's and sleep soundly knowing you're protected.


Call in the loving caring and supportive community of your dreams.

Coming Soon...


Draw in the abundance you deserve with this simple and powerful money spell.


Coming Soon...


Awaken and discover your innate psychic ability or just give them an upgrade with this enhancement spell.

Coming Soon...

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