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It's Queer Magic
is now on Youtube!

Calling all Queer Witches! Whether you’re a Tarot Top, Astrology Bottom, or a flexible Spiritual Switch, Kir Beaux is on the menu hunny!

Join Kir as they share wisdom and explore Queer spirituality with everything from spirits, magic, and ritual to work, relationships, and abolition. Sometimes even with special guests!

Kir is committed to connecting us all to the source of our happiness, the original parent, our divine caregiver, Earth. Heart-centered, open-minded, and an ever-changing Gemini, Kir is here to root you down and to help you fly.

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Black Indigenous Queer Witch Tarot Reader Los Angeles Based Tarot Reader Spiritual Awakening Wellness

Looking for More?

As always, the best way to support It's Queer Magic is join our Patreon! You'll be in great company with witchy, genius, generous, hilarious, and supportive community! What are the perks? Glad you asked!

  • A Weekly Reading from Kir Beaux 🌈 (that's me)

  • A dedicated Discord server with a bunch of fun channels w/ topics relevant to your interests

  • A Giveaway every month! Win readings, teas, baths, crystals, books, herbal medicines, and more!

  • 20 min "office hour" sessions exclusive to Patrons! (a free mini-reading, what!?)

  • Discount and exclusive offers

  • Moon Gatherings, Tarot Studies, and Movie nights! Very 'queer sleepover' vibes all the time.

  • The warm and fuzzies that come from supporting your fave queer and trans black indigenous hottie spiritual worker 😇 👼🏾🌈❤️‍🔥⚡️🤲🏾

Come join the Rainbeaux Witch Community

Pay What You Can $5-$20


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