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Spiritual Counseling

Feels like: 1:1 Mentorship, Validating and Challenging perspectives

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars

Service Description

A Spiritual Counseling session is for when you want to talk with someone who understands and relates to the challenges you face on your spiritual path. For when you are drawn to a tool, belief, or practice but it’s just not working for you. For when you need help building your spiritual practice. For when you want a spiritually focused active listener for verbally processing your spiritual lessons. A relaxed but focused session to offer tools, suggestions, and reminders for living a spiritually healthy & active life. Also appropriate if you’ve ever wanted to “pick my brain” about something. *NOT THERAPY. Not comparable to or a replacement for mental health services. Kir Beaux is not a medical professional or licensed anything. 1 hr live video call

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