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Spirit Session

Feels like: Standing under a waterfall; Lighting a sacred spark.

  • 1 hour
  • 165 US dollars

Service Description

A spirit session is for those who have committed already or are ready to commit to their spiritual growth. Those who have altars and connect with spirit in their own time. Or for those who’d like to start. For those who are stuck in a cycle, confused about the path forward, or feel like they can’t catch a break. For when you know you need spiritual connection and inspiration. A Spirit Session is a collaborative work between Spirit and I. With spirit channeling, divination tools, claircognizance, and my knowledge & experience, I will deliver the messages, insight, wisdom, and invitations that are yours to hear. Perfect for feeling lost, confused, or uninspired in your spiritual or mundane life. *Not mediumship. It is not appropriate for those interested in connecting to the beloved dead, nor for “getting answers” or explanations from Spirit. 1 hr live video call

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