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Queer Ancestors

Our Queer and Trans ancestors exist.

They exist in history, in our hearts and bodies, and in Spirit. None of us are the first queer person in our family. No matter what you've been told, you are a continuation of your family's queer bloodline.


Our Trans and Queer ancestors have given so much to the world by just existing and are often neglected or left off the altar completely after their passing. But they are a source of deep love and wisdom, strength, and magic and they want to take their place as part of your spirit team. These sessions are a bridge, a connection place to channel forward these distant spirits and re-tie them to their descendants.


In these 1hr sessions, I will bring forward a well, well-intentioned, elevated ancestral helping spirit that self-identifies under the Queer umbrella.


Every session is unique and at a minimum, you will receive:

  • a visual description

  • a name

  • a piece of their story they wish to share

  • ways to build up a relationship and connection with them

  • any key advice and/or inspiration for your current or future circumstances


The last batch of Ancestor Readings was so special and powerful that I am really looking forward to this Queer(er) version!


These sessions are for anyone that wants to honor, and commune with their queer and trans ancestors. Queers are highly encouraged and everyone is welcome!


Queer Ancestor Connections

1h- via Zoom - $150

Payment plans are available when booking.

Accepting Donations to offer these sessions free to low-income QTBIPOC

Financial Assistance

By Request

If you require further financial assistance please reach out via email to so that we can help the best we can. It's Queer Magic is dedicated to the uplifting of marginalized people everywhere including with this work.

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