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Queering the Altar

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

An image of a messy witches table with a rainbow filter.

The Altar is an important part of a spiritual practice, there is something very magical about creating a physical manifestation of your practice out onto a space in your home. Now as a queer person…how are we going to make it beautiful…and gay?

1. Gay Pride Flag

This might be an obvious one but now is the time to display all that queer paraphernalia you have always wanted to. Created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, the pride flag has now become a worldwide symbol for the LGBTQIA+ community with each color representing a specific meaning. Let us not forget the power of color magic too.

a mock up of the original pride flag

Hot Pink- Sex

Red- Life

Orange- Healing

Yellow- Sunlight

Green- Nature

Turquoise- Magic

Indigo- Serenity

Violet- Spirit

There have been many iterations of this flag since its inception and many flags that were created to represent specific members of the community, so this could be an opportunity to further express yourself with your choice of flag or items that represent the colors you want to express.

2. New Identity When we come out as queer people our true self now has the opportunity to craw its way out of that closet. Many of us change our hair, our wardrobe, or even our name. Why not make an altar to the new version of ourselves? Put things on it for the new you, learn to worship this new identity.

3. Queer Ancestors

No matter what your family has told you, you are not the first queer person in your lineage. Some of us know the identity of our queer ancestors and some, unfortunately, have been erased. Setting up a space for these ancestors on your altar is a great way to honor their existence and accept their guidance. If you have knowledge of them you can include their photo or some favorite items. If you do not know their identity listen within yourself and follow your heart, you’ll be led to the right items to include. Their queerness lives within you.

4. Anointing Sex Toys / Gender Affirming Items

A large part of coming out as a queer person includes sexual liberation. Anointing your sex toys with scents, oils (make sure they are safe for the body and material!) or words can be a great way to bring awareness to your new found liberation. This is a great practice for those using gender affirming items as well. As a craft witch I make my “anointments” in the form of storage. I keep them in a special, decorated box that holds all my magical intention and then I don’t have to worry about anything on or in my body that may not be safe.

5. Queer Pop Icons

Include your favorite queer icons on your altar. Many people use pop icons to channel archetype energy and queer icons are the most powerful, in my opinion anyway. These can be people, book characters, cartoons, whatever inspires you. Please remember that many of these icons were or are still actual people and we are using the archetype they embody. Don’t worship an actual person…that’s weird.

6. Trying to get through a tense situation?

A popper on the altar will do wonders.

7. Queer Subcultures

an image of a person's chest clag in leather and sparkly X pasties.

Now that you are exploring your identity on the altar don’t forget that you can enhance things with a little inspiration from our queer subcultures. Wanna feel strong? Maybe you put some leather on the altar. Wanna find some creativity? Look to the club kids. Don’t be afraid to find strength in the queer community even when you’re not at the party.

8. The List

The altar is the #1 place to house your spells. Try creating a list of the changes you would like to see in the world. Every time you light your candles remember why you are here and why the world needs your beautiful change.

9. Letter to Your Closeted Self

This is much like the practice of writing a letter to your younger self but you’ll have a little more to talk about. We were different people when we had to hide a part of ourselves and now we get to time travel a little bit and tell our younger selves that we did it. We are living the way we were meant to. They will be so proud of us. Keep this on your altar as a reminder to your inner child that they don’t need to hide anymore.

10. Community Protection Spell

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of us and many of our queer siblings are not safe to live out loud. You can add your energy to the collective force by keeping an ongoing protection spell not only for you but your community of fellow queers. Every time you are at your altar imagine a warm bubble of safety around your community and allow your magic to blend with all the others queer witches doing the same at their altars.

Overall, your altar is yours to make your own. You are allowed to express yourself any way you and your spirits want. You don’t need to follow any rules or take any advice that doesn’t fit your style. As long as it’s a comfortable home for your magic and your spiritual team it’s gonna work. Now let's go make some magic queers!

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Ash Wix
Ash Wix
Sep 05, 2023

Love this, brb writing a letter to my queer inner child 🥺

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