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Our Favorite Extraterrestrials : Aliens from across film and television

To be completely fair and honest, I admittedly have not watched a whole lot of alien content but nevertheless I wanted to tell you who my favorites were.

Below are 13(for spooky season) of my favorite aliens. I don't know how I could put them in order from best to worst so I have separated them into categories. Take everything with a grain of salt and know that my opinion is still changing as I'm writing this.

The Cutest Aliens!

Mac from Mac and Me

Mac is a baby alien that has lost his family. Look at the adorable baby! Mac will always have a place in my heart for that dance in the bear costume (look it up) and his family's escape from USA/NASA capture.

still from the film Mac and Me with Mac sitting in the middle of two children

Zrek from E.T.

Yeah, I didn't know he had a name either but the unmade sequel reveals the name Zrek and we respect that, we will probably always refer to him as E.T. though. E.T. The iconic and lovable, also just looking to make it back home! E.T. is incredibly loyal and caring and helps where he can. Also, who wore a wig better than this diva?

A still from the film E.T. with E.T. dressed as a woman handing Eliott a newspaper.

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Okay, so stitch comes to Earth as a refugee (not his fault he's a criminal) and he begins his journey with a bad attitude. Who could blame him? Soon he finds there are those who love him no questions asked and through learning to love himself he finds a place on this new planet and his own Ohana.

a still from the animated Lilo and Stitch with both title characters wearing sunglasses and looking at postcards.

Marvin the Martian from Looney Toons

The icon, the legend, that little alien guy we still think about from our childhoods. (I do anyway) This silly, delusional, alien thinks he can take out the world on his own with no help from anyone else. Classic. We love him and his funny voice. "Where's the kaboom?"

A still from animated show Looney Toons with Marvin Martian lighting a rocket and Bugs Bunny smiling behind him.
Marvin the Martian

The Charismatic Bunch

Gonzo from the Muppets

This goofy puppet is always the life of the party. There is a reason he is the narrator in the iconic Christmas Carol, that far out does the original in most people's opinion. Gonzo is everyone's good friend and has all the class clown energy you need.

A still from The Muppets with Gonzo and Rizzo standing together.

Mork from Mork and Mindy

I'll be honest, I haven't watched many episodes of this show but Robin Williams on that screen created magic with this character the was once a one episode arc of Happy Days. The love that you feel for a goofy friend that does everything their own way is all here in this show. Warms my weird heart.

A still from the show Mork and Mindy with both title characters sitting together on a couch.

The Doctor from Doctor Who

How many shows do you know that have spanned this long in our film history? That alone gives us an idea of how beloved this character is. The Doctor has power and entertainment, and lessons for all of us, and we are thrilled to see this character start reflecting the diversity of Earth's population.

A collection of character headshots from every person who has been The Doctor on the show Doctor Who.
Doctor Who

The Violent Type - The Largest Category (unfortunately)

The Nerdlucks from Space Jam

Another group of aliens that created a lasting impression on my small mind as a child. They may be violent but they are tricked into a ball game to save the planet, that just hilarious. They are also cheaters buuuut they still lose. Thats funny!

A Still from the movie Space Jam with the 5 Nerdlucks standing together and pointing space guns.
The Nerdlucks

Edgar the Bug from Men in Black

Well, Edgar is probably not the name of the bug from space but it's definitely the name of the guy who's skin it's wearing. If you didn't quote "sugar water" after you saw this movie then we are very different. This bug did it's damndest to fit in with the humans but look far more like a walking zombie. Not THAT many people questioned it though so...good job?

A still from the movie Men in Black with the character of the bug drinking from a glass of water.
Edgar the Bug

The Aliens from Signs

We have to mention these guys because for one thing, they are probably the closest to the "classic" alien we think about and for another we barely even see them in the movie and we are still terrified by them. That's pretty powerful.

A still from the film Signs with a prone child nearly being probed by the tube coming from the aliens wrist.
Aliens from Signs

Martians from Mars Attacks

These are the aliens I am most familiar with. My brother and I watched this movie again and again and these guys are hilarious. 1. We love their language 2. That oxygen bubblegum is genius. 3. The fashion. They wear silky underwear in the ship. Always prioritize comfort! 4. I could possibly be taken out by that song too. The list goes on and on. This is a hilarious movie and these aliens probably could take over the world...granted they got some earplugs. (do they have ears?)

A still from Mars Attacks with the martians standing in a formation behind the lead alien wearing a red robe.
The Martians

Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors

Speaking of taking over the world. Audrey is top tier manipulative. They go through phases of life, slowly wrapping Seymore tighter and tighter around around their tendril. They may not survive to the end but they for sure took over the planet with their invasive species of "fly" trap. Also...that voice!

A still from the film Little Shop of Horrors with Audrey II, a fully grown plant opening it's huge tooth mouth.
Audrey II

Xenomorph from Aliens

Okay, this alien is TOO MUCH! Come on, planting your seeds in people? We already have spiders on this planet. I gotta say though, truly terrifying and ACTUALLY really dangerous. Sigourney Weaver survives because even the Alien want to hang out and see a sequel. (look at them...they wanna kiss)

A still from Alien. A closeup of the Aliens teeth very near the face of an anguished person.


I couldn't write this and forget about the actual alien that has successfully taken over the planet and infiltrated the human race. A true abomination and haunted soul.

The Furby

An image of two grey furby toys sitting next to eachother.

Honestly F*UCK these guys!

Okay, what are your favorite aliens? Who have a missed? Let me know in the comments so I can broaden my alien knowledge.

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