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A Spiced Grounding Tea Recipe

The world is rocking and changing beneath us. We can feel the ground shifting now in an effort to realign with what is just a right. We feel the world shifting within us. We change and move to accommodate the grief and fear for these changes, knowing the challenges that come when fighting and healing for all.

Knowing we could all use a moment to center, we took the opportunity this week to share one of our favorite tea recipes for grounding.

a teapot pouring tea into a white tea cup on a saucer

For myself, the act of making tea slows my process and creates a grounding ritual in itself. Tea making brings me back to the Earth and the visceral experience of blending and smelling and waiting can be used to bring myself back to the present. Intentional practice is a potent medicine, add to that potency with these spices. We have made this very simple, most of these are laying around your house already. Allow this brew to hold you, allow it to bring you back into your body.



Black Pepper



It's as simple as that. Blend these to your own tastes and brew in boiling water for 5-7min minimum. Don't be afraid to experiment and allow yourself to be led to other herbs if you are so called and take the time to hold and smell them individually as you add them to your brew but remember that just because it is simple doesn't mean it isn't potent.

artistic shot of black peppercorns in a bowl and on a table

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